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I started the ChiroHCG program on Sept 20th and as of Dec 5th i have lost a total of 69 LBS. To be honest I was skeptical in the beginning because I worked out with a personal trainer and ate healthy for about year. I only lost about 10 pounds over that period. I thought to give up exercise and sit home and watch TV every night and lose weight was crazy! But I followed the ChiroHcg weight loss plan and it worked exactly like it was suppose to. I was full after eating what I was supposed each day, lost pounds on a daily basis, slept better and had more energy as well as felling more confident. I was the test sample for incorporating the ChiroHCG into our office and what can I say it changed my life greater then any other exercise/weight loss program has ever before. The results were so rapid I lost 8 belts sizes since starting and had to buy a whole new wardrobe, which I didn't mind since it was the first time in 10 years that I had to buy smaller and not bigger sizes. ChiroHCG has given me a new start to life so I can live it to the fullest.

Dr. Sheldon Brown
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